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Housing Project

Housing Project  (2013-2014)

The Housing Project aims to improve housing for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland. From 2008-2011 the project focused on research to find out about disabled peoples experiences in two areas:  products and adaptations and peoples experiences when trying to find or adapt a house to meet their needs. The research resulted in a number of recommendations.

The Housing project is now focusing on how these recommendations can be implemented. The project will also work to make sure that disabled people and carers are involved in helping develop policy and services. 

The project is funded by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) and Disability Action staff work closely with NIHE staff on the project. 

Disability Action facilitated three consultation events (on behalf of NIHE, DSD and DHSS+PS) in Belfast, Derry~Londonderry and Omagh in May 2013 on the Interdepartmental Review of Housing Adaptations Services.  The aim of these events was to enable people with disabilities to discuss and contribute to the consultation alongside representatives of the Housing Executive, the Health Trusts and DSD and DHSS+PS.  The report of these events is below:

>> Feedback report from consultative events for the interdepartmental review of housing adaptation services - May

How you have helped

To date you have helped us with a number of parts to the project. These include-

The Housing project has also helped to set up a Disability Forum. Membership of the forum is linked to the Housing Community Network (HCN). You can keep up to date on the work of the forum on their web page.

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