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Employment & Training


Disability Action has a number of programmes that help people with disabilities find employment and support them in their place of work. We also provide advice and support for employers considering employing somebody with a disability or need advice to support an existing disabled employee.


Disability Action provides advice and support to young people with disabilities who are about to leave school and for trainees with disabilities who are on the Training for Success programme.

Support in finding a job

Job Match

Job Match is Disability Action's Euroean Social Fund (ESF) project which supports people with disabilities to find and stay in paid work or in self employment. It is delivered by a team of Supported Employment Officers working locally with people with disabilities, employers and partner organisations.

Find out more about how Job Match can help you.

Support in Work

Disability Action provides support to people with disabilities and their employers in workplaces across Northern Ireland.

We do this through two programmes, Workable NI and our Emplyment Advocacy Service.

Workable NI

A programme designed to provide ongoing support to people with disabilities in work and their employer.

Employment Advocacy Service

The Employment Advocacy programme aims to help disabled people who are experiencing difficulties or discrimination in the workplace.  This project focuses on early action to help people maintain their jobs - find out more.

Support in Training

This section is currently under development

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