Hard at Work Report


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Hard at Work Report

Disability Action has launched the “Hard at Work” report to highlight the key actions needed to increase equality in employment for disabled people in Northern Ireland.

The report gives voice to disabled people facing difficulties in finding and retaining work. It considers the legal position, asks is it making a difference and considers peoples personal experiences.  Finally, the report makes recommendations for employers, disabled employees, Government departments and for our own organisation.

The Employment Advocacy Service helps disabled people who are experiencing difficulties or discrimination in the workplace.  Support is provided by Peer Advocates who are disabled people.  This unique approach means that the report is based on case studies from a wide range of people, in a variety of jobs and professions. 

The Programme is funded by the Voluntary and Community Division within the Department for Communities over the last year.

>> Download the Hard ar Work' Report (PDF)

Hard at Work report launch

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