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Employment Quick Guides

The Employment Advocacy Service has created a series of 'Quick Guides'. These guides are intended to be informative yet brief, giving a solid overview of key points and contact information for further advice/clarification if necessary.

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The Purple Workforcce: The Impact of Employing Disabled People

The Purple Workforce: The Impact of Employing Disabled People. Employment Advocacy Quickguide
Employing disabled people works. Inclusive recruitment practices can increase your profitability whilst positively impacting on the skill base and culture of your company. The latest Quick Guide is outlines how employing disabled staff can enhance the skill base, culture and profitability of an organisation.

Getting into Work: Reasonable Adjustments & Positive Action
Getting into Work: Reasonable Adjustments & Positive Actions Quick Guide
Getting into employment can be difficult for anyone, but for disabled people it can be even more challenging. This guide will help you understand your rights when applying for a job, what is expected from employers and what actions they can positively take to increase the number of disabled people they employ.

Telling an Employer about your Disability
Telling an Emplyer about your disability
Deciding weather to tell a prospective employer about your disability can be difficult. Some people are happy to discuss their disability, while others feel that they may face discrimination if they tell an employer. This guide covers the law, advantages of and common fears surrounding disclosure of disability, and sources of support.

Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace
 Reasonable Adjustments in the Workplace Quick Guide
A reasonable adjustment is something that can help prevent, or reduce, any disadvantage being faced by a disabled person. Reasonable adjustments allow people with disabilities equality of opportunity in the workplace. This guide aims to help employees with disabilities think through what sort of changes might help and how to go about asking for them.

For more information contact the Employment Advocacy Service:

Telephone: 028 9029 7880
Textphone: 028 9029 7882
Email: employmentadvocacy@disabilityaction.org

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