Employment Advocacy


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Employment Advocacy

What is the Employment Advocacy programme?

The Employment Advocacy programme aims to help disabled people who are experiencing difficulties or discrimination in the workplace. Support will be provided by peer advocates who are disabled people, who have undertaken advocacy training and who come from a variety of backgrounds.

The programme aims to help disabled people to look at disability related employment issues. It focuses on early action to maintain good relationships, to develop positive communication, and to enable people with disabilities to stay in employment. The programme also helps and encourages employers to recruit and retain disabled employees.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is helping someone to know what choices they have and what the consequences of those choices might be.  It is not making decisions for them.

The service cannot provide legal advice, but it will help provide the information disabled people need to make informed choices to self advocate and in some cases may advocate on their behalf.

Who can use the service?

  • You must have a disability.
  • The employment issue or query must be directly linked to your disability.
  • The employment issue/query must centre on getting into, remaining in, or progressing in work.
  • You must live and work in Northern Ireland.

We will prioritise people with significant multiple disabilities and those who do not have other sources of support.

What support is available?

The programme can provide information and support to disabled employees and their employers in the following ways:

  • Telephone/ textphone
  • Email / post
  • Face to face contact with you and your employer

 We can help employers by:

  • Awareness raising activities
  • Help them target disabled people as employees
  • Develop actions to encourage recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities


How do I get more information about Employment Advocacy?

You can contact the Employment Advocacy worker at Disability Action on Telephone: 028 9029 7880, Textphone: 028 9029 7882, email employmentadvocacy@disabilityaction.org.

If you a query which is not in relation to employment you can contact our Information and Advice team on the details above.

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