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Information for Blue Badge holders

30 September 2013

A new measure has been put in place for Blue Badge holders experiencing delays in renewing their badges.

The grace period for expired Blue Badges has been extended to one month, in line with car tax expiry dates. This is a permanent arrangement. Also, traffic attendants have been informed and Blue Badge holders will not be penalised if their badge has expired by less than one month.

Backlog being addressed

It is expected that delays may persist during September. As a result, traffic attendants have been instructed if an expiry date, for example, states 11 September 2013 then a penalty charge notice can only be issued from 11 October onwards.

There is a target to inform 95 per cent of applicants for Blue Badges of a decision within 15 working days of receiving valid applications.

The Blue Badge Unit of the Department for Regional Development is currently working around six to seven days behind the 15-day target due to a number of short-term resourcing issues that are being addressed urgently.

Pending the recruitment of permanent staff, casual staff have been employed and weekend overtime has been arranged to address the backlog.

Blue Badge scheme

You can find out more information about the Blue Badge scheme at the page below:

More than 35,000 applications for Blue Badges are received each year.

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