New Paraplegic Dance Programme comes to Belfast


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New Paraplegic Dance Programme comes to Belfast

01 August 2017

Disability Sport NI will be teaming up with the Academy of Professional Physical Arts (APPA – NI) to bring paraplegic dance classes to Belfast through the new Xplor Programme.

This community dance programme run by APPA – NI and supported by Disability Sport NI’s Active Clubs Programme aims to explore, develop and create dance movement experiences relevant to the requirements of paraplegic dancers from four years old through to adults. The dance programme has been devised under the artistic direction of Sarah Durrant from APPA – NI who has been involved and employed in the professional performing arts educational industry for over 30 years. Sarah is very excited about the new programme and aims to progress the APPA NI’s XPLOR Dancers experience into regular wide-ranging performance opportunities.

Sarah Durrant comments, ‘APPA-NI’s aim is to increase opportunities for artistic expression through movement whilst supporting young people and adults to develop their leadership and social skills that foster self-confidence, esteem and pride in performance. APPA – NI is committed to supporting students with disabilities and will hopefully continue to expand their portfolio of exciting new programmes in the near future.

Odhrán Doherty, Active Clubs Co-Ordinator for Physical Disability at Disability Sport NI said, 'Disability Sport NI is delighted to support APPA-NI's Xplor Dance programme through our Active Clubs funding for people with Physical Disabilities. The aim of the active clubs programme is to provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities to enjoy and excel in sustainable regular sport and physical activity opportunities at club level. The Xplor Dance programme is an exciting and unique opportunity to experience creative dance in a fun and dynamic environment with Sarah and her team of experienced coaches in APPA-NI. I look forward to seeing some magical dance routines when the programme gets underway in September!'

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