CRPD Committee List of Issues for the UK 


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CRPD Committee List of Issues for the UK 

07 April 2017

Further report on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) in Northern Ireland. 

Representatives from Northern Ireland attended the evidence gathering session at the UN in Geneva. More information on our experiences there can be found in a blog post from one of the participants, Tony O'Reilly. This can be found here:

Following the evidence gathering session, the UN has now issued the List of Issues that the UK as a whole will be examined on this summer. 

>> Download the CRPD Committee List of Issues

This is an important document as it lays the basis upon which the UK as a whole, and Northern Ireland in particular in our case, can be held to account for how it treats people with disabilities. 

The List of Issues makes many references to the devolved nations and contains many issues we have campaigned upon. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for people with disabilities in Northern Ireland to hold the Northern Ireland Executive to account. 

We will be working hard with people with disabilities in Northern Ireland and their organisations to shape our response to this "List of Issues", and indeed our work towards the wider examination in August in the months ahead. 

Should anyone wish for more information on any of this, please contact Patrick Malone on 02890 297880 or at

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