Brexit Ensuring we protect disability equality


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Brexit Ensuring we protect disability equality

29 March 2017

During the Referendum campaign in 2016, Disability Action engaged with disabled people, their organisations and other stakeholders on the possible impact of Brexit on people with disabilities. As a result of this engagement we took a position to support a remain position. The main reason behind this was the uncertainty of how rights attained under EU mechanisms would apply if we were to leave the EU.

Following the referendum result we undertook two focus groups with disabled people and their organisations.  We wanted to work to help identify the key areas of concern, but also suggest what action will need to be taken to ensure that disabled people are not worse off as a result of the referendum decision. 

This is not about changing the result of the referendum, it is about outlining what needs to be done in Northern Ireland to protect the hard fought for rights underpinned by EU legislation, policy and funding. 

Read the full Disablity Action Briefing Paper - 'Brexit – Ensuring we protect disability equality' below:

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