Report on the Implementation of the UNCRPD in Northern Ireland


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Report on the Implementation of the UNCRPD in Northern Ireland

10 December 2015

Over the last number of years we have been developing a report on the implementation of the UNCRPD in Northern Ireland.  We started the process in 2014 as the examination of the UK State report by the Committee was due to take place later that year.  Unfortunately this has been delayed and the Committee is not likely to examine the UK until 2017. 

This report is in draft format.  We have decided to publish the report in December 2015 as a draft so that people can make use of the report now.  The report will need updated again nearer the time by disabled people and their organisations.

There is a main report which looks at each of the articles under the UN Convention and a Summary Report which highlights the main priorities set out by disabled people.

How Information was gathered

The information for this report was compiled through engaging with over 400 people with disabilities, including our member organisations and other representative groups, through;

  • A conference in 2014
  • An accessible questionnaire
  • A general call for information
  • Wide ranging discussions with people with disabilities in Northern Ireland.

Desktop research was carried out into relevant programmes and policies in Northern Ireland and reference made to previous research.

Priority Areas

The priority areas (which are inter-related) are:

1.   Article 8:   Awareness Raising

2.   Article 9:  Accessibility

3.   Article 19: Independent Living & being included in the community.

4.   Article 21: Freedom of Expression and opinion and access to information.

5.   Article 29: Participation in Public and Political Life

6.   Article 31: Statistics and Data Collection

There were also concerns around the monitoring and reporting process (Article 33).

Next Steps

The summary and full draft report will need to be updated again before the UK Examination.  This is not likely to be until 2017. 

Due to limited resources it is not our intention to update the report until the date of the UK examination is confirmed.  However, we would like to make the report available to others so that when evidence is available to be used, for example, to inform policy or practice.

We are currently examining ways in which we can do this. 

Thank You

We would like to thank all of the people who have participated in the development of this report.  In particular we would like to thank disabled people who attended engagement events and provided evidence and guidance through the process.  The Centre on Human Rights Advisory Group, the REAL Network and Disability Action's Strategic Advisory Group have been a great support in developing the report and providing guidance along the way.

There are a number of organisations who helped with the engagement process and submitted evidence for the report.  We have referenced not just the reports but the comments from individuals which have helped shape the report. 

Read the summary report

Read the full report

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