Leaving A Gift In Your Will


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Leaving A Gift In Your Will

By leaving a gift to Disability Action, after ensuring your dependants and loved ones are provided for, you will be making a positive and lasting contribution in support of people with disabilities.

Will to Give

Disability Action is a founding member charity of a consortium called Will to Give, whose aim it is to promote leaving a gift to charity in your will.

How to leave a gift in your will

Contact your solicitor for advice on making a will.

There are three principal types of bequest you can make:

  • Residuary Legacy: where the remainder of your estate is paid to your favourite charity or charities, after all other expenses and requests have been deducted.

  • Pecuniary Legacy: this is a specified amount that you wish to be left to the charity of your choice e.g. 5,000

  • Specific Legacy: you may request that a gift of a specific item is left in your will e.g. property or an item of jewellery If you have already made your will and then decide you would like to leave a donation to Disability Action, a solicitor will advise you on how to add a ‘codicil’ that will ensure your wish is carried out.

If you do decide to leave a gift to Disability Action, please tell us about it. Not only does this allow us to express our thanks and appreciation to you, it also means that we can plan for the future accurately and with confidence. For more information please contact claresheeran@disabilityaction.org

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