Half-day workshop for people living with pain - Lisburn


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Half-day workshop for people living with pain - Lisburn

01 March 2017, 1:30PM to 01 March 2017, 5:00PM

Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn

Pete Moore, co-author of the ‘Pain Toolkit’ is running Pain Toolkit workshops for both patients and healthcare professionals across Northern Ireland.


Approximately one in five people in N. Ireland live with chronic pain. As we know, this can be disabling and frustrating for many to manage. It can also affect relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. Often patients have unrealistic expectations from their medication. A 30% reduction in pain is considered a good outcome, a 50% improvement is considered significant. It is unrealistic to expect 100% improvement in symptoms.

As a result, pain self-management skills are very important in order to help patients to cope on a daily basis. Self-management skills will also lead to a reduced reliance on medication and therefore also any risks/side-effects which may be associated with some medication. The workshops with Pete are an excellent opportunity for patients and health care professionals to learn pain self-management skills.

The Pain Toolkit workshop are for people who live with persistent pain.

Workshop overview - what will it cover.

  • Overcoming day-to-day problems living with pain.
  • The benefits of self-managing pain.
  • Understanding the tools in the Pain Toolkit and how to use them.
  • How to work effectively with your doctor and healthcare professionals.
  • How to set realistic goals and action planning.
  • How to problem solve setbacks. Knowing what to do, if something goes wrong.

The Pain Toolkit workshop is led by an experienced Pain Toolkit Trainer who lives with persistent pain and is a good selfmanager. The workshop is delivered in a relaxed and friendly environment and incorporating time for questions and discussion.

Where, Dates and Times

Lagan Valley Island, Lisburn - 1st March 2017


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