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Closure of Training Unit - Beyond Disability 

Disability Action's training unit 'Beyond Disability' also closed on Thursday 31 August.  Any training that has already been booked will be delivered as agreed by associate trainers.

Training enquiries received from September 2017 will be referred to other training providers.  Details of these training providers will shortly be available below.

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Beyond Disability Training

Beyond Disability is Disability Action’s social enterprise that delivers quality disability and diversity training. Our training covers all disabilities and with we are able to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from across the organisation.

What’s in a name?

The name “Beyond Disability” was actually developed by the Distabiliy Action Strategic Advisory Group who said there was a massive need for a change in attitudes and how people with disabilities are viewed and included in communities, workplaces and by public agencies.


Why do we need this training?

  • There all 11 million people in the UK alone with disabilities or long-term health conditions.
  • A market you can't ignore - 212 billion in the UK alone.
  • 1/3 of disabled people have had difficulties accessing public or commercial services. 
  • 75% of disabled people had 'walked away' from making a purchase, unable or unwilling to do so.
  • Our training helps you explore potential barriers people may experience accessing your services.

Training to suit your needs

We recognise that the training requirements of different organisationscan be very diverse.  We can work with you are flexible and we can tailor each session to your individual requirements of your organisation. 

We offer a wide range of training modules on specific disabilities and workplace contexts that we can combine in any formation to provide Disability Training sessions of varying lengths.

We can concentrate on your legal requirements under the Disability Discrimination Act and in keeping with the ethos of ourorganisationwe will always focus on changing attitudes and breaking down barriers.  Our training can raise participants confidence in interacting with disabled people and we look forward to working with you to develop a training programme that best suits your needs.

What is the training like?

We use a variety of training methods to make our training programmes as interactive as possible. These include:

  • DVDs,
  • quizzes,
  • handouts,
  • group work
  • role-plays
  • case studies

All our training is based on a business case that believes that employing the right person for the job, regardless of disability, and expanding your customer base can only be good for business.

We would like to help you in achieving this positive change.


What training programmes do we offer?

  • Disability Equality Training
  • Disability & Customer Care
  • Disability & Human Rights Training
  • Disability & Human Rights for Schools
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Managing Disability in the Workplace
  • Ensuring your Communications are Accessible
  • Effective Consultation with People with Disabilities
  • Diversity Management for Staff
  • Diversity Management for Managers
  • Diversity Management for Human Resources


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