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The Science of Marketing

19 October 2016

Search scientist team

As a charity, Disability Action uses digital marketing as a cost effective method to promote our services and communicate with disabled people and stakeholders across Northern Ireland.

With an ever growing social media following and ezine subscribers, Disability Action's marketing team had the opportunity to meet with the Search Scientist team and learn more about how digital marketing can help Disability Action.

The Search Scientist team spent time in getting to know our needs, what specifically would help the marketing team in managing and measuring our online activity and how to best use existing resources?  One of the things we wanted to improve on was our knowledge of Google Analytics, how this platform could be used better to measure more than website views but referrals and social media integration. This would show us what pages and channels are popular so we could work on improving them.  Ash from Search Scientist explained in detail how we could do this, gave some top tips and most importantly how to save precious time in doing so! 

We also received some really useful advice from Jane on how to improve our social media, how to make our Facebook ads targeted and integrate social media with email software Mailchimp as well as manage Linkedin pages and track campaigns.

Since the training we have tried to incorporate our learning into our everyday work and constantly improve our communication with our users both on and offline.  With over 10.000 social media followers and a new blog, we are now turning to our website with the aim of improving the site and making it easy for users to find information.

A big thank you to Louise, Ash & Jane from Search Scientist for all your help – your expertise and personal approach has helped DA’s digital presence.  Check out Search Scientist’s blog for all things digital!

Marketing Team
Disability Action

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