Charter Of Rights


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Charter Of Rights

Disability Action’s Charter of Rights for people with disabilities identifies the right to:


  • Live an independent, active and fully productive life, regardless of the severity of disability, whether physical, mental, sensory or hidden, or whatever combination of these.

  • Determine his or her own future, lifestyle and life choices, and to have access to the information necessary to make his or her own decisions.

  • Define him or herself, and his or her body image, free of limiting stereotypes.

  • Have personal privacy in all areas affecting his or her intimate and family life.

  • Have his or her sexuality and relationships respected, whatever his or her sexual orientation.

  • Marry and to bear and raise children and found a family.

  • Appropriate assessment, quality counselling, physical and mental health care, and to the equipment, assistance and support services necessary to live a fully productive life.

  • Make decisions about his or her medical treatment and to access the information necessary to this.

  • Communication and information, available in a medium appropriate to the individual, enabling full and independent participation in society and underpinning the exercise of all other rights.

  • Equality of opportunity in all aspects of social, recreational and cultural life.

  • Education provision suited to his or her individual needs.

  • Personal mobility and to live in an environment free of physical, information and communication barriers.

  • Appropriate housing, which meets his or her need to live independently.

  • An income that provides for the necessities of life, taking into account individuals different needs.

  • Training and employment without discrimination and with proper regard to the ability and choices of the individual.

  • Challenge and to seek changes in attitudes and perceptions which limit his or her participation in all aspects of community life.

  • Join a trade union and to have his or her specific needs properly represented by that body.

  • Legal representation and to equal protection under the law.

  • Protection from discrimination in all areas, including the legal system itself.

  • Participation in the political process on both an individual and a collective basis.

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